Our services

Stater provides safe, fast, hassle-free mortgage services. Our goal is to enable consumers in the mortgage market to take out their mortgage safely, quickly and easily and to manage it themselves. This applies to the entire process from orientation on a mortgage to its completion. And everything in between.

We provide services and products for all processes surrounding mortgage management. All services, from setting up a portal for your mid-office activities (origination) to full implementation of your back-office (servicing).

Mid-office and Back-office

Origination and Servicing

As a mortgage service provider, we handle all processes for the origination (underwriting) and servicing of mortgages. We are there for the mortgage lender, intermediary and consumer. The consumer can take out the mortgage himself: acceptance within 24 hours, digital overviews of the mortgage status, quick repayments, changing repayments, and managing the construction deposit. Our employees intervene quickly in case of questions or obstacles, so that progress is not hindered.

We support more than 40 lenders internationally with our services.


At Stater, the security of systems, platforms and data is paramount. We assure our stakeholders that our organization is solid, safe and risk-aware, and that we have our processes in order

Stater was one of the first financial service providers in the Netherlands to receive the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate with which we demonstrate that we comply with all requirements for information security. And that business-critical information remains safe and confidential. With the ISAE 3402 reports, we give clients the assurance that their financial data is secure.

Since 2010, Staters mortgage servicing has been rated by Fitch with the highest rating for 'primary servicing' in Europe: RPS1-

Naturally, Stater complies with laws and regulations, internal guidelines, codes of conduct and policies through a solid risk management framework.


Data services

Stater has a unique position in the mortgage chain, managing a large amount of mortgage data from our customers. We maintain a BI architecture that integrates, migrates and releases data from different sources for different purposes. We add value by performing checks and balances close to the source and guaranteeing data quality.

With our expertise in mortgage processes and knowledge of the data from our source systems, we can interpret data in an expert way and develop secure and innovative data products from it. Stater is strong in data-driven mortgages. This means: having all the right data at your disposal, directly from the source. That speeds things up on the front end. We also do savings and investment mortgages. With our many years of experience, we understand all types of mortgages.

We provide customers with extensive dashboarding options that give them insights into the performance of mid-office and back-office processes such as hit ratio, first time right, STP and throughput time.

With Data Quality as a Service, we help our customers gain insight into the quality of their 'critical data elements'. For customers with an own data warehouse, we provide a real-time datafeed. This offers customers with their own mid-office operation 24/7 insight into the current status of quotations and enables them to act proactively and communicate alertly with consumers.

All Stater data services comply with GDPR standards.



For us, innovation is constantly adding to our range of products and services to remain leading in the speed of the acceptance process. We deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) and anticipate future developments.

We develop apps and portals, and can support every party in the mortgage chain digitally. In our vision, applying for a mortgage, viewing it and making changes should be possible digitally. The consumer should also be able to view changes entered real time. This applies to construction deposits, early repayments and other changes in a mortgage file.

We help market parties innovate and seek co-creation. Together with lenders we constantly develop new functionality to meet (and create) changing consumer demand.



Our platform and services evolve with changing customer needs and are designed to support the growth of our customers - lenders, regulators and advisors.

Our scale allows our customers to digitise and innovate on our platform. Banks, insurers, and governing bodies grow with us. Without having to worry about the implementation of updates, upgrades or the latest legislation and regulations. We take care of that.

Stater has the highest rating for mortgage servicing: RPS1-. This means that Stater's platforms and systems meet the highest requirements in terms of security, continuity and integrity.

Stater platforms cater to every aspect of mortgage servicing: back-office, mid-office, data management, API’s, change management and implementation of laws and regulations. Realizing seamless integration of all parties involved in het mortgage chain.


Stater creates sustainable value for customers, employees and society. Our sustainability policy, based on ESG principles, ensures a balance between added value for people and the environment on the one hand and the continuity of the organization on the other.

All homes in Europe must be emission-free by 2050. Emission-free in use, but also in maintenance, renovation, construction and remodeling. This also applies to the more than 1.7 million owner-occupied homes that Stater has in its portfolio through its lenders.

Stater wants to support lenders in making their mortgage portfolio more sustainable. We do this by providing clear information, offering reliable services and developing affordable products in co-creation. In collaboration with various partners (customers, suppliers, network coalitions), we continue to look for innovative solutions.