Welcome at Stater

The number one mortgage services provider in the Netherlands. And therefore, market leader. We support money lenders and banks regarding mortgage services for consumers. Altogether, we manage over 40% of all mortgages in the Netherlands.

We. Are. Stater.

Our Mission

Providing mortgage services and supporting services; that’s our call. From start to finish. We offer our clients leading edge services regarding all aspects of mortgage processes. With an exceptional client-focus, at sharp rates.

Our Vision

We don’t only want to be the standard in mortgages services; we want to maintain this position. We work relentlessly to accomplish just that. It is our day-to-day challenge to be even better, even faster and, even less expensive. We succeed in this by putting the best interest of the consumer first, and by designing our processes as efficient and accessible as possible.

Our Core Values

Our goal is to be successful and stay successful by contributing to the success of our clients. This directs us and makes it quite clear where we stand for. We want both our clients and employees alike to perceive us as customer-focussed, result-focussed, entrepreneurial, innovative, cost-conscious. All in close operation. So, not they on one side, and we at the other one, but as partners in the process.


Stater is granted the highest primary servicer Fitch rating in Europe: RSP1-


The number of mortgage loans handled by Stater in the Netherlands as in July 2019.

€ 326.000

The average house price in the Netherlands in the second quarter of 2019.


The rise in percentage of sold houses in the second quarter of 2019, compared to one year earlier.

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