We offer data a safe place

"With my team, I design, develop and maintain a BI architecture that integrates, migrates and releases data from different sources for different purposes. We add value by performing checks and balances close to the source and guaranteeing data quality."

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Ruben Westerhof Manager Data Services


Intelligent and innovative
data products

With our expertise in mortgage processes and knowledge of the data from our source systems, we can interpret data well and develop secure and innovative data products from it. For us, data-driven means that the right data is available directly at the source.

Process KPI Dashboard

With our Process KPI Dashboard, we provide insight and actionable intelligence on mid-office process performance. Clients can use this to manage their own operations or those of their intermediaries or service providers. KPIs such as hit rate, first time right, STP and turnaround time provide insight into performance. We also use this dashboard internally.

Data Quality as a Service

With Data Quality as a Service, we help our customers gain insight into and monitor the data quality of their "critical data elements". Of course, together we ensure that data quality continues to increase.

Real time mid-office data

For customers with their own data warehouse, we offer a real-time data feed. Here you will find the relevant data on the status of current requests. This provides clients with their own mid-office operation with round-the-clock insight into the current status of offers. This enables them to act proactively and communicate attentively.


Clients can use this AFM-approved report directly for their accountability to the regulator. The report shows the extent and development of payday loans and meets all definitions of the AFM (Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets).